Sebum Extruder_Blackhead, Whitehead, Keratin Extruder

Sebum Extruder_Blackhead, Whitehead, Keratin Extruder

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    Sebum Extruder Blackhead, Whitehead, Keratin Extruder

    Strong suction power.

    Effects for each part.

    Convenient cell phone cable charging method.

    Can be easily pulled out black head, nose sebum, pore sebum.


    1.Open pores with face steam towel.
    2.Pull the sebum with the sebum extruder.
    3.After removing sebum, use aloe or pore shrink pack to soothe skin.
    4. Please refrain from using if you have sensitive skin.
    5.Do not stand continuously for more than 3-5 seconds when using the product.
    6.Please do not use it in a wet state, a wound.
    7. Please keep it well for use by children, such as children, etc.

    Products Information

    Sebum Extruder
    Capacity and weight
    Battery capacity
    900mAh / Charging time approximately 90 minutes
    Product packaging units
    Input power
    Input voltage
    Time to use  150 minutes
    Size   35 (W) X 35 (D) X195 (H) mm

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