Free Buyer Protection Service

Free Buyer Protection Service

In order to maximize the security of the transactions, ROAExpo provides free order protection service to its buyers by with a money back guarantee policy when using certain payment methods (credit card, PayPal, and Escrow).

How does the order protection service works?

When a buyer orders and pays your item(s) through Credit card, PayPal or Escrow service, after receiving the order, the buyer will receive a “Customer Satisfaction Survey Form” by email which will ask you about the supplier’s service quality with a questionnaire such as on-time delivery, quality, and quantity check. If you have any issue about received your order, we will intercede your headache between you and the supplier. After your feedback, we will pay your order to the supplier.

Also, to prevent QQ (Quantity and Quality) issues in the first place, ROAExpo provides the inspection service on behalf of you before shipping your order.

See the Inspection Service