[Orgabebe] Hydro Soothing Gel 150ml, For Sensitive Skin Cooling And Replenishes_ Made in KOREA

[Orgabebe] Hydro Soothing Gel 150ml, For Sensitive Skin Cooling And Replenishes_ Made in KOREA

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    For cooling and replenishing sensitive skin
    Aloe vera leaf water, triple hyaluronic acid and centella asiatica extract provide a quick cooling effect to relieve irritation and moisturize to soothe baby's skin. It is not sticky and is quickly absorbed, so it can be applied several additional times.
    - Pure ingredients without flaws, 100% natural origin: Hyaluronic acid is a natural moisturizing ingredient. It is present in the skin and has a moisturizing preservation that is more than 100 times stronger than water. Prevents skin from drying out and keeps it soft and hydrated.
    - 0% water, botanical therapy Skin soothing: Contains aloe vera leaf water instead of purified water, and centella asiatica extract extracted from Korean mistletoe soothes sensitive skin after bathing and promotes natural healing.
    Powerful Skin Protection: Organic Nilotic Shear Butter is a natural sealant that protects the skin from harmful environments.

    Hydro Soothing Gel
    Hydro Soothing Gel 150ml
    Aloe vera leaf juice, triple hyaluronic acid, and centella asiatica extract soothe sensitive baby's skin by relieving irritation and moisturizing with a fast cooling effect. It is non-sticky and absorbs quickly, so it can be reapplied several times.

    EWG Grade 1~3

    Safe skin protection

    Naturally derived ingredients

    Smooth feel

    Formation of moisturizing film
    I'm using lotion, should I use a soothing gel?
    Newborns, how should I use soothing gel?
    Soothing gel only moisturizes the skin and reduces the feeling of heat. If your skin is red, sensitive, hot and ticklish, use for SOS! When you use it in summer or as a lotion, it may lose moisture retention, so please use additional lotion or oil ~
    Is there no non-sticky soothing gel?
    Soothing gel does not contain oil, so it is formulated with water and viscosity. Therefore, depending on the type and content of the viscosity, it can be sticky. Ogavebe Soothing Gel uses juice instead of aloe water to reduce viscosity to minimize stickiness, and you can feel a refreshing after-use feeling even if the formulation does not flow.
    Triple hyaluronic acid skin soothing gentle moisturizing
    Hyaluronic acid is a natural moisturizing factor. It is an ingredient that exists in the skin and has more than 1,000 times the water retention power of water. Triple hyaluronic acid gently protects rough and dry skin.
    "Even if I go out for a while, my face will open and I will have a fever!"
    Soothing gel is sticky and lacks moisturizing power? !!
    Orgabébé hydro soothing gel~
    Instead of water, it contains aloe vera leaf juice, mistletoe extract, and centella asiatica extract to soothe sensitive skin and enhance its natural healing power. Relieves and soothes skin stress with Botanical Therapy!

    1% Other
    3% Botanical Therapy Ingredients
    7% Hyaluronic Acid
    89% Aloe Vera Leaf Juice
    Powerful skin protection
    Organic Nilotic Shea Butter is a natural sealant that protects the skin from harmful environments.
    What is organic nilotic unrefined shea butter? Uganda's Nile basin has fickle weather that produces better shea butter. It is chemically unrefined, so it contains good ingredients to protect sensitive and dry skin for a long time.
    From Uganda, Africa, a pristine natural area
    Organic Raw Nilotic Shea Butter
    Organbebe's Nilotic Shea Butter is imported directly by air
    Transported for faster and fresher raw materials
    NATIVE TO UGANDA, THE SHEA TREE IS NAMED NILOTICA (NILE), WHICH IS FOUND ONLY IN THE NILE BASIN. The butter from the fruit produced from this shea tree is soft and smooth to the skin, moisturizing the skin and hair during dry seasons, and is 100% natural for young babies and adults with sensitive skin.

    100% organic grown in Uganda, East Africa

    Use of nilotic shea butter with high price and rarity value

    Preservation of 99% of active ingredients by air transport

    Unrefined shea butter with preserved active ingredients

    ECOCERT/USDA Certified Organic

    Soft silky spreadability and excellent moisturizing power

    Ogavebe Hydro Soothing Gel Checkpoint

    Turn it and the pump will come up!

    Transparent gel type full of moisture

    Moderate viscosity that does not flow

    Non-sticky, fresh feel

    "Safe for weak and sensitive skin
    The whole ingredient EWG grade 1~3 contains only good things."
    EWG Cosmetic Ingredient Stability Rating Criteria
    Safety Rating
    Caution Rating
    Environmental Wrking Group (EWG) This is an indicator rated by EWG, a non-profit environmental organization in the United States, on a scale of 0-10 for the safety of cosmetic ingredients.
    All ingredients are EWG 1~2 grade
    Don't use new ingredients that don't have data.
    Ogabebe Hydro Soothing Gel Full Ingredients
    Aloe vera leaf juice Butylene glycol Sodium hyaluronate 1,2-Hexanediol Betaine purslane extract Shea Butter Mistletoe Extract Chlorella vulgaris extract Spirulina Maxima Extract Risolecithin Pantherol Allantonin Virginia Flower Extract Honeysuckle Flower Extract Herbaceous Fruit Extract Alginine Carbomer Centella Asiatica Extract Disodium EDTA Halmi Flower Extract Cypress Oil
    Grapefruit Extract
    All ingredients are EWG's Green Grade

    # How to use Ogabebe Hydro Soothing Gel

    Wipe dry, pump an appropriate amount into hands to relieve

    Rub lightly into palm

    Absorbs gently as if massaging
    Searnest Certification Status

    Women's Business Certification

    Company-affiliated research institute

    ISO 9001 Certification

    USDA Certified

    ECOCERT Certification

    Fairtrade Raw Material Certification

    Excellent Product Brands

    Skin irritation test non-irritating certification
    Product Name Ogabebe Hydro Soothing Gel
    Capacity or weight 150ml
    Expiration date Always manufactured products (check on the bottom of the product)
    manufacturer Natural Korea
    Responsible Distributor Searnest
    Country of origin Republic of Korea
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