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    - E32-D21 2M refers to a specific model of fiber optic sensor, which is part of the E32 series produced by Omron.
    - Fiber optic sensors are used in a variety of applications to detect and measure various parameters such as the presence, absence, position, and displacement of objects.
    - These sensors work by transmitting light from the light source to the receiver via a fiber optic cable.
    - The fiber optic core has a diameter of 1 mm, and it is made of flexible, multi-twisted optical fiber. The fiber optic unit is 2 m long and can be fixed with M4 screws

    Product Make-up

    - E32-D21 2M consists of a fiber optic unit and a fiber optic amplifier.
    - Includes light source and optical receiver, fiber amplifier amplifies and outputs the signal of the fiber optic unit
    - In the form of fiber optic amplifier, compatible with E3NX-MA series.
    - E3NX-MA series is a high-performance fiber optic amplifier with smart tuning function and eco mode function, 1:2 channels to save installation space, The sensor communication unit allows for various setting changes and reading of detection values

    Product Characteristics

    - The E32-D21 2M is a reflective, diffuse optical sensor, which uses a red 4 elemental light-emitting diode as the light source.
    - The sensitivity of the fiber optic unit can detect fine objects less than 0.1mm, and the response time of the fiber amplifier can be selected between 100μs ~ 16ms
    - It has Automatic Power Control (APC) function and Dynamic Power Control (DPC) function.
    - The APC function automatically adjusts the output of the optical fiber unit's light source, preventing sensitivity degradation due to deformation or contamination of the optical fiber.
    - The DPC function automatically adjusts the input of the optical receiver of the fiber optic unit, compensating for changes in output caused by deformation or contamination of the optical fiber
    - It has a timer function and a hysteresis width setting function. The timer function allows you to adjust the operation time of the output, and you can select modes such as off-delay, on-delay, single-shot, on-off delay, etc.
    - The hysteresis width setting function can adjust the difference between the output motion threshold and the return threshold, and you can choose standard settings or custom settings

    Product Description

    - E32-D21 2M has IP50 protection structure in accordance with IEC standards, and has protection circuits such as power back-access protection, output short-circuit protection, and output station connection protection.
    - The ambient temperature range is -25°C~+55°C during operation, -30°C~+70°C during preservation, and the ambient humidity range is -25°C~+55°C during operation, and the ambient humidity range is · It is 35~85%RH at the time of preservation
    - The mass of the body is about 75 g, the case and cover are made of polycarbonate (PC), and the cord is made of vinyl chloride (PVC).

    Product Information


    E32-D21 2M

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    Fiber Optic Sensors




    Omron Automation and Safety

    Detection method

    Diffuse reflection



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    Bend Radius




    Protection Rating (IP)


    Surface Orientation Detection

    floor plan

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