Engine Oil Additive The Ga Engine Performance Improvement Additive 100ml Gasoline, Diesel, LPG, CNG Engine_Domestic Production

Engine Oil Additive The Ga Engine Performance Improvement Additive 100ml Gasoline, Diesel, LPG, CNG Engine_Domestic Production

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    Engine protection: Increases the function of engine oil to protect the engine from aging and improve wear and tear.
    Increased fuel economy: Reduces the coefficient of friction, thereby reducing incomplete combustion and increasing the power of the engine.
    Reduced smoke: Reduces the internal temperature of the engine and reduces blow-by gases and exhaust pollutants.
    Prolongation of oil change: Slow down the oxidation of engine oil and wash the sludge to extend the engine oil change cycle.
    Versatile: It can be used for gasoline, diesel, LPG, CNG engines, and can be applied to cars, trucks, buses, motorcycles, boats, fishing boats, etc.

    You can purchase engine oil additives from a minimum of 100 pieces.
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    The Ga engine oil additive is the best product to improve the performance and durability of your engine.
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    Engine Performance Improvers

    The price 100 ml - 8 liters of engine oil for automobiles

    Protects the engine by increasing the function of engine oil
    Defend against aging engines
    To improve the degradation of aging engines

    Engine oil additives

    Aging engine improvement cycles

    Principle of action and effect

    Sludge cleaning, improve abrasion

    Reduced coefficient of friction, airtightness orientation, reduced incomplete combustion, improved fluidity

    Reduced blow-by gas, reduced internal engine temperature, slower oxidation of engine oil, smoother engine/fuel supply, reduced exhaust pollutants

    More before and after use

    Fuel gauge B&A

    Average fuel consumption 11.2 km/L

    Average fuel consumption 13.1 km/L

    Average fuel consumption 12.2 km/L

    Average fuel consumption 13.9 km/L

    Mamobu B&A

    The main ingredient

    THE-GA metal nanopowders are a new material of 21C dreams,

    Utilization of carbon nano-tubes and nano-platinum&titanium dispersions

    It has superior functions compared with metal nanopowders such as copper-nickel alloys, etc., and has very good stress.

    Carbon nano-tubes

    Excellent thermal and electrical conductivity, mechanical strength, chemical stability, lubrication

    Nano-Platinum & Titanium

    Excellent catalyst properties, high reactivity of nanoparticles, uniform particle control technology, excellent dispersibility

    Comparison of principal components

    Application of product name: Main ingredient
    Nano DagatorMetal (copper-nickel alloy) nanopowder coating agentGasoline, Diesel, LPG
    MotorUp MicroronUltrafine polymer material 3~5 micron resin type metal
    Constance (Protek)Synthetic hydrocarbons and mineral compounds
    WürthOrganic Molybdenum Compound
    Liqui MolySynthetic fat-soluble oil additives
    THE-GACarbon nanotubes (CNTs), Ti + nanoplatinum (Nano Pt) dispersion

    Feature comparison

    Classification: THE-GA conventional engine oil additive
    Main componentsCarbon Nanotubes (CNTs), Nano Platinum (Nano Pt), Nano TiMolybdenum compounds, synthetic hydrocarbons, polymers (PTFE), metal powders
    FunctionalRestore engine performance to the best possible conditionSimply improves the performance of engine oil
    durabilityIt does not oxidize and burn without temperature restrictions, and the coating lasts for a long timeUnder harsh operating conditions, it oxidizes and loses the function of the synovial membrane
    ApplicabilityCan be used on all new / used cars, regardless of when the oil is changedUse different products for new/used cars, gasoline/LPG/diesel cars, and use them during oil changes
    PersistenceCan be used up to 20,000~50,000 km in a single injectionUse different products for new/used cars, gasoline/LPG/diesel cars, and use them during oil changes

    THE-GA Features

    Metal nanopowders are

    It is a particle in 10 nanometer units, which is very fine in size, so it has free fluidity, and it has a surface reaction force of 20 m² per 1 gram of metal powder powder, which allows for rapid and solid bonding.

    10nm-class titanium particles

    Rapid expressive reaction

    10~50nm (nanometer)

    Metal nanoparticles pass through the oil filter without jamming and express functions throughout the interior of the engine, and metal nanopowder, which has very small particles compared to engine oil particles about the size of a basketball and a ballpoint pen ball, does not affect the viscosity of engine oil and has very free fluidity.

    No jamming of the oil filter

    No effect on oil viscosity

    Engine oil addition amount

    Even a small amount of 1/40 times the amount of addition is enough to achieve the maximum effect. 100 ml (more) /4 L (engine oil) A mixture of 100% synthetic oil + metal nanopowders that is not composed of graphite, Teflon, molybdenum compounds and hydrocarbons, and is not restricted by temperature and humidity, which inhibits oxidation of the coating surface.

    The effect of the infinitesimal maxima

    100% synthetic oil + metal nanopowder

    Performance analysis

    KIST (Korea Institute of Science and Technology) TEST
    Engine oil and additive performance analysis

    Test sample:Engine oil = KIXX PAO GS Caltex 5W/30 = 4 liters
    Oil additive =A&B 100ml of this product, 100ml of C/imported product
    A: This product / Mixed before driving (engine oil/4,000ml + additive/100ml) product
    B: Samples are collected after driving 5.247Km in this development / Samsung SM5 passenger car
    C: Imported development / Samples taken after driving 5.273 Km in a Samsung SM5 passenger car

    1. Rour-Ball Wear Teat(ASTM-D-4172)
    test Condition : Load/40Kg, Speed/1200rpm, Time/1hr, Temp/75℃
    Avg.Wear scar dia(mm)
    Standardeven numberGood
    2. Computational
    Total acid number(KOH.mg/g oil)
    3. Inorganic Component Analysis (by RDE Spectrometer)
    Sample name analysis test items (units)
    4. Analysis of oil deterioration (by Fluidacan Spectrometer, IR-principle)
    Test Item AB C Remarks
    Aw Additive / %91.2953.1344.42
    Glycol / % or without addition
    Nitration / abs / m²6.457.477.75Nitrogen oxides
    Oxidation / abs / m²6.6810.3210.74oxide
    Soot %wt0.0000.0000.000Carbides
    Sulfation / abs / m²3.1816.5117.79Sulphur oxides
    TBN mgKOH/g3.603.544.09Jinalkaliga
    Water / ppm151.51174.23254.72quantity
    Friction coefficient0.2000.2000.250

    Engine Performance Improver [More] THE-GA

    Manufacturer Laonyx, Capacity 100ml, Scope of application Car 100ml/8L, Small Car 50ml/4L, Truck, Bus, Motorcycle 15ml/2L, Boat, Fishing Boat (Gasoline · Diesel · LPG · CNG engine)


    01 Shake the product until the metal nano components on the bottom are gone, mix well, and inject through the engine oil dispenser. ( *Car: 100 ml/8L *Small car: 50 ml/4L *Motorcycle: 15ml/2L) Note: If it does not mix well, gently shake it after bathing.
    02 After making sure that it is fully injected, close the engine oil dispenser.
    Caution when using
    Be sure to inject it into the engine oil inlet / Can be used in gasoline, LPG, and diesel engine vehicles / Use it when the engine compartment is cold after stopping the start / If you inject 1.5~2 times more than the required amount, you can get a greater effect. / When changing the engine oil, you need to inject [The Gas] together so that the effect does not decrease and remains the same.
    Store the product in a cool place away from direct sunlight.
    Room temperature storage: 1~20°C / 24 months, 20~35°C / 12 months
    Inject the metal nanopowder of the product after it is completely mixed / Never put it into the fuel filler / Be careful of fire (flammable) / Observe the instructions for use of the product / Wear protective gloves / Do not use for anything other than intended / Do not drink or put it in your eyes / Do not drink or put it in your eyes / Do not put it in your eyes. Keep out of reach of children / In case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately with clean water and consult a doctor

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