Dr. Proens Dr. Su DP Lotion, Toner 120ml_Skin moisturizing, hydration, skin soothing, skin elasticity, skin absorption, moist skin, irritation relief

Dr. Proens Dr. Su DP Lotion, Toner 120ml_Skin moisturizing, hydration, skin soothing, skin elasticity, skin absorption, moist skin, irritation relief

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    Dr. Su DP Lotion, Toner 120ml

    -Dr. Proens Dr. Su DP Lotion and Toner deeply moisturizes the skin, relieving dryness and keeping the skin hydrated.

    -Improves skin suppleness by minimizing irritation, soothing and improving elasticity.

    -Absorbs quickly into the skin, improves skin tone and brightens the skin.

    -Enriched with natural extracts and naturally-derived ingredients, it protects and conditions the skin to maintain a healthy skin condition.

    -Regulates moisture balance to strengthen the skin barrier and improve skin texture for smooth and radiant skin.

    A mildly acidic skin toner lotion with intense moisturizing and skin texture refinement effect
    Dr. Proens' DP lotion (lotion, skin, toner) not only has the effect of increasing skin moisturization, but also moisturizes and refines skin texture.

    DP Lotion (lotion, skin, toner) is a moisturizing lotion, skin, and toner for troubled skin care that is absorbed into the skin with a moist feel of pH 5.4 to create slightly acidic skin.
    Various ingredients for the skin, such as moisture balance, skin protection, sebum control, etc.
    It contains drumstick tree seed extract, which is an ingredient that is often used in natural organic cosmetics. It has an antioxidant, rejuvenating and conditioning effect on the skin, so it provides rich moisture to the skin and keeps it smooth and soft

    Alpha-glucan oligosaccharides (glyco-oligosaccharides) act as a skin conditioning agent and soften dead skin cells with a combination of orange juice, orange orange extract, Japanese wild pine fruit extract, jujube extract, lime juice, apple extract, and lemon juice

    It contains dipotassium glycyrrhizate, which helps to restore damage to the epidermal barrier, moisturize, whiten and protect the skin from harmful oxygen, brighten and clear skin tone, condition the skin, and balance oil and moisture, and its molecular structure is similar to that of the male hormone testosterone, which also helps to regulate sebum
    Bilberry Leaf Extract
    (moisturizing ingredient/astringent action)
    Artichoke leaf extract
    (Contains moisturizing ingredient/cinalin)
    Jeju Dysentery Extract
    (moisturizing ingredient/antioxidant function)
    Drumstick Tree Seed Extract
    (Skin preparation ingredient)
    Trehalose, which binds to moisture on its own to prevent moisture loss and has a moisturizing function to keep the skin moist, and hyaluronic acid (originally called sodium hyaluronate), which acts as a skin moisturizer, attracts moisture around it to prevent moisture evaporation, and creates a thin protective layer on the skin layer to prevent moisture from escaping, showing a powerful moisturizing effect Bilberry leaf extract, Jeju dysentery grass extract, and artichoke leaf extract contain a high concentration of tannins, which are active ingredients in plants, so they have an astringent effect and have antioxidant functions. It lowers cholesterol, relieves edema, and contains cinalin to rejuvenate cells
    Moisture Balance
    Skin moisture full toner
    DP Home Care Lotion (120ml)
    The same product currently used for high-end skin care at the professional skin care room "Dr. Su"
    It is the same product that is actually used in professional skin care rooms for high-end skin care and problem skin care such as acne, and it can be used on all skin types, especially DP lotion, which is a product specializing in problem skin care.

    Now, don't just focus on moisturizing your skin texture with lotion skin and toner, but feel the various effects for your skin such as detoxification, keratin softening, moisturizing, promoting GABA production, wrinkle reduction, skin elasticity, and pore improvement through Dr. Proens' mildly acidic DP lotion
    How to use DP lotion (lotion, skin, toner)
    01. Apply an appropriate amount to a cotton pad

    02. Apply as if wiping according to skin texture

    03. Gently absorb all over face

    04.Repeat 2~3 times according to skin condition
    Moisture Balance
    Skin moisture full toner
    DP Home Care Lotion (120ml)
    Cosmetics made by doctors specializing in skin care
    Jointly developed with the Department of Dermatology at Osaka University of Medicine, Dr. Proens, a brand specializing in skin care
    Skin detoxifier
    I'm using the same cosmetics, but the results are different.

    The cause lies in the skin environment.
    In the same way, for example, crops grown in [good soil] [bad soil] have differences in color, shine, and taste.

    By quickly removing accumulated impurities on the skin that cannot be removed by daily skin care due to the deterioration of the modern environment, the skin environment is prepared, and the skin is returned to the normal skin care cycle, creating a smooth skin texture and transparent skin, and maximizing the subsequent skin care effect.
    Skin revitalization
    Analyze skin problems and respond to various skin types

    Skin problems and skin problems vary from person to person. In order to cope with various skin problems, Dr. Proens analyzes women's skin and selects beauty solutions for various skin types.
    All Dr. Proens products are certified products that are actually used by Dr. Su, a skin care room specializing in pore spas, for high-quality skin care and for troubled skin care such as acne, and you can trust and use them.
    Product Details
    Product Dr. Proens Dr. Su DP Lotion, Toner
    capacity 12ml
    Expiration date 3 years before opening, 1 year after opening
    Main Specifications Recommended for all skin / troubled skin
    Vendor Dr. Su
    Instructions Apply an appropriate amount to a cotton pad and wipe it off according to the texture of the skin. Absorb 2~3 times according to skin condition.
    Warnings 1. If you have any of the following abnormalities when using cosmetics, you should stop using it, and if you continue to use it, it will worsen the symptoms, so consult a dermatologist, etc.
    1) If there is any abnormality such as red spots, swelling, itching, irritation, etc. during use
    2) If the application site has the above abnormalities due to direct sunlight
    2. Do not use on wounded areas or areas with abnormalities such as eczema and dermatitis.
    3. Precautions for storage and handling
    1) Be sure to close the cap after use.
    2) Yu. Keep out of reach of children
    3) Do not store in places with high or low temperatures or in direct sunlight.
    All Ingredients
    Water, butylene glycol, glycerin, pentylel glycol, daglycerin, phenoxyethanol, dipropylene glycol, xanthan gum, dipotassium glycyrrhizate, alpha-glucan oligosaccharides, trehalose, betaine, sodium hyaluronate, casou extract, lysorecithin, tangerine extract, apple extract, Japanese hawthorn fruit extract, jujube extract, drumstick seed extract, caramel, Jeju dysentery grass extract, lime juice, orange juice, bilberry leaf extract, lemon juice, artichoke leaf extract

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