Brown Mag Roasted Brown Rice Tea

Brown Mag Roasted Brown Rice Tea

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    A drink that you can drink healthily every day with peace of mind! Roasted brown rice tea to warm your body!

    How to eat deliciously: Just pour a tablespoon (about 2g) of coffee cup and hot water for easy and delicious brown rice tea. As the powder may settle, stir well before drinking and pour water back into the sediment.


    1. Zero Caffeine: BrownMag is caffeine-free, so pregnant women, young children, and those who are weak in caffeine can take it with confidence.

    2. Anti-aging: It contains a large amount of energy and vitamin E, brown rice polyphenols, phyto chemicals and minerals that are very good for beauty and health.

    3. Warm from the body: For modern people who are cold with stress, it is a good food for the body to make it warm from the deep inside. Black roasted brown rice is called "brown sugar" in one room, and polyphenols or phyto chemicals that occur when brown rice is roasted black warm from the deep. Roasting brown rice causes the outer membrane to carbonize, causing numerous pores, which serve to clean the body.

    4. Additive-free: No chemicals such as colorings, fragrances, or preserves.

    5. Pesticide-free recipe with the face of the producer: Shinicuru Matsuo, a technician, blackened the brown rice with zero residual pesticides made by Mr. Meissen of Fukui Prefecture's safe brown rice farmers in Japan, and the raw materials are brown rice without residual pesticides, so you can eat them with peace of mind.

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