6-year-old red ginseng high-purity prebiotics 2 months supply 60 packets_fructooligosaccharides, red ginseng concentrate, dietary fiber, liquid _Made in Korea

6-year-old red ginseng high-purity prebiotics 2 months supply 60 packets_fructooligosaccharides, red ginseng concentrate, dietary fiber, liquid _Made in Korea

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    [Ings] 6 Year Old Red Ginseng High Purity Prebiotics 2 Months Supply 60 Packets

    -Nutriwise 6-year-old red ginseng high-purity prebiotics is a health food that combines the benefits of red ginseng with the benefits of prebiotics to comprehensively care for intestinal health.

    -Made from 6-year-old red ginseng to ensure the best quality and effectiveness, it is made with natural extracts and is popular with those who prefer natural remedies.

    -The beneficial properties of prebiotics help maintain a healthy immune system by balancing the intestinal microbiome, improving digestion, and strengthening the immune system.

    -It contains nutrients such as vitamins and minerals that help promote intestinal health, so it plays a role as a nutritional supplement and health functional food.

    -Using ingredients of natural origin, it is a natural remedy that helps improve intestinal health and maintain intestinal balance, making it a great choice for those who want to take care of their gut health in their daily lives.

    Red ginseng prebiotics

    Carefully selected high-purity prebiotics plus 6-year-old red ginseng is the choice for my family

    There's only one way to enjoy healthy food in a delicious way!

    Domestic 6-year-old red ginseng and high-purity fructooligosaccharides are carefully packed in one package. Take care of your family's health with the honey flavor that everyone loves!

    I recommend it to these people!

    Those who have difficulty with bowel movements or are concerned about their intestinal health

    Students who spend a lot of time sitting and are less active Workers

    Those who enjoy eating stimulating foods, carbohydrates, etc.

    Those who want to enjoy healthy food deliciously

    Those who are looking for delicious and healthy food that can be eaten by the whole family

    Domestic 6-year-old red ginseng to increase physical function
    Revitalize the intestines with high-purity prebiotics

    Hongsim Prebiotics

    High-purity prebiotics, 6-year-old red ginseng, convenient liquid form

    Diet food, containing dietary fiber, domestic certification

    High Purity Prebiotics

    Taste like honey with high-purity fructooligosaccharides

    It is a honey flavor that both our children and the elderly love, and it is perfect for those who are reluctant to consume red ginseng because of its unique bitter taste!

    Program? Prebiotics? The important thing is the proliferation of lactic acid bacteria!

    Why high purity? Korea's largest 1 sachet contains 8,540 mg prebiotics

    High-purity prebiotics, which contain almost no monosaccharides, can be consumed without worrying about tooth decay due to the inhibition of insoluble clucan production.

    High Purity Prebiotics

    It has the effect of proliferating intestinal lactic acid bacteria and inhibiting harmful bacteria, so there is no need to worry about tooth decay, and it also has a great effect on bowel movement because it contains dietary fiber.
    Although it has a characteristic sweetness, it is an ingredient that cannot be digested / absorbed, so it does not affect blood sugar, so it is a versatile food that is used as a sugar substitute.

    It is commonly referred to as being used as food for beneficial bacteria in the intestine, and there is a fructooligosaccharide.

    Rather than probiotics that supply beneficial bacteria themselves, prebiotics that create an optimal environment for reproduction can be expected to have the effect of increasing natural beneficial bacteria, which has the best effect on increasing lactic acid bacteria.

    6-year-old red ginseng

    I used the representative food of stamina recovery, domestic 6-year-old red ginseng

    It is a high-quality domestic red ginseng concentrate made from 6-year-old red ginseng carefully selected by ginseng masters in a hygienic facility certified by HACCP in a low-temperature method that minimizes saponin loss.

    Domestic red sang 6 years old

    What makes it special

    Ginseng goes through a normal growth process for 1~4 years, and if it is grown in a place where skilled cultivation techniques and environment are suitable, it will stop growing when it reaches the 6-year maturity stage, which is the botanical ripeness stage, and the appearance as well as the saponin content will reach its peak.

    Benefits of Red Ginseng Saponins

    Inhibition of platelet aggregation, recovery from fatigue, strengthening immune function
    Soothing, forgetfulness relief effect
    Inhibition of cancer cell metastasis, inhibition of anticancer drug resistance, anti-inflammatory effect

    Convenient liquid form

    Powdery powder that is bland and blows is now liquid and neat and convenient

    Red ginseng prebiotic products, which can be enjoyed by a wide range of ages, adopt an easy-to-eat liquid form rather than a powder form that is bland and has the risk of entering the airways.

    High Purity Red Sang Prebiotics
    How to enjoy

    Consumed as-is, dessert toppings, coffee syrup

    It has a honey-like taste and texture that does not change the taste of young and old, and it has a viscosity similar to real honey, providing an irresistible taste.

    Diet foods

    No longer starving, conveniently, now eating healthily

    Prebiotics help the proliferation of lactic acid bacteria by optimizing the intestinal environment, and beneficial intestinal bacteria inhibit obesity bacteria that accumulate fat and interfere with metabolism, thereby helping intestinal health.

    When used as a sweetener in convenience foods such as salads, it can manage calories and give a pleasant sweet taste, which is a great addition to the diet.

    Contains natural fiber

    Healthy eating habits for your body that are managed with natural fiber!

    Indigestible maltodextrin, a natural dietary fiber contained in high-purity red ginseng prebiotics, is not digested when ingested and is delivered to the intestines as it is, helping to maintain the growth and balance of beneficial bacteria.

    Inhibition of blood sugar rise

    Improves blood triglycerides

    You want to have a bowel movement

    Boosts immunity

    An easy day

    Easy one-pack liquid stick per day Keep your daily routine with just one bag anytime, anywhere!

    Health for the whole family

    Protect the health of the whole family with 1 stick type a day that anyone can easily open and eat neatly!

    It does not contain any flavorings, colorings, or sweeteners, and it has a sweet taste that both children and adults love, so you can enjoy it without any objection.

    The one luxurious way to give your heart to your loved ones

    HACCP certification

    Reliable high-purity red ginseng prebiotics certified by the demanding Food and Drug Administration

    We have completed 6 food-related certifications, including HACCP certification, one of the most authoritative certification bodies in Korea.

    FSSC 22000 certification, HACCP certification (starch syrup), HACCP certification (subdivision)

    HACCP certification (oligosaccharides), organic processing certification, organic certification

    Notice of provision of product information
    Product Red ginseng prebiotics
    Types of food Liquid tea
    Raw material name and content 96% of high purity fructooligosaccharide (domestic, oligosaccharide 95% or more)
    Red ginseng concentrate 2% (domestic, 6-year-old, solids 60% or more, red ginseng powder 70mg/g or more)
    Fiberlist 2% (domestic, indigestible maltodextrin 85% or more)
    Contents 12g x 30 sachets (360g) / 12g x 60 sachets (720g)
    Packaging Material Box: Paper/Stick: PE
    Item Manufacturing Report No. 2014038650881
    Shelf life Separate notation
    Manufacturer Heart-to-heart farmer farming cooperative corporation Gangwon-do Gangneung-shi Sacheon-myeon stone bridge road 126
    Distribution Specialist Sales Officer SB Food Co., Ltd. Gyeonggi-do Gwangju Gonjiam-eup Yeolmi-gil 168
    Storage method Keep away from direct sunlight and store in a cool place, and consume immediately as it may deteriorate after opening.
    How to drink 1 sachet (12g) per day Add to water or beverage, or take directly

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