[ORONIA] New Propolis Supreme 90 Capsules_Antioxidant, Vitality, Immunity, Nutritional Supplement, Health Functional Food_Made in Canada

[ORONIA] New Propolis Supreme 90 Capsules_Antioxidant, Vitality, Immunity, Nutritional Supplement, Health Functional Food_Made in Canada

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    [Oronia] New Propolis Supreme 90 Capsules

    - Newly released NEW Propolis Supreme! Modern people who need antioxidants for health / Life vitality / Health promotion / Office workers who are under heavy stress

    - All of Oronia products are safe and reliable products that have been approved by the Korean Food and Drug Administration and the Federal Administration of Canada and are officially registered with the F** in the United States.

    - You can take 17mg of flavonoids per day, and it helps maintain your daily health, helps you with health during the changing seasons, and helps with antioxidants, so you can live a vigorous life.

    - Flavonoids abundantly contained in propolis can help maintain health and activate physical functions of modern people through antioxidant action that removes free radicals.

    New Propolis
    Health Functional Food
    Total flavonoids
    New Propolis Supreme
    17 mg of flavonoids per day
    May help with antioxidants
    Finished products imported directly from Canada
    MFDS inspection passed and official customs clearance
    What is propolis?
    Propolis is an antioxidant substance produced by mixing pollen collected from tree sap and flowers collected by bees with enzymes in bee saliva.
    Bees apply propolis to the gaps in the hive to protect against harmful substances such as various bacteria from penetrating the hive.
    Propolis solution contains various nutrients such as flavonoids.
    The main components of propolis
    The flavonoids contained in propolis can help with antioxidants that protect cells from free radicals (free radicals) in the body.
    The role of flavonoids
    Free radicals
    Flavonoids abundantly contained in propolis can help maintain the health of modern people and activate physical functions through antioxidant action that removes free radicals. Propolis has the function of reducing the production of these free radicals or removing the active oxygen produced.
    Stop free radicals!
    It stabilizes free radicals (free radicals) produced during respiration and energy metabolism to prevent free radicals from attacking cells and organs in the body.
    1 capsule per day
    Contains 17mg
    100% of the daily nutrient standard!
    It can be consumed even if you are sensitive to odors!
    The size without a burden in a neck turn!
    Finished products imported directly from Canada
    Reliable finished products imported directly from Canada!
    Oronia New Propolis Supreme
    Made in Canada
    Canadian manufacturing and production Food and Drug Safety import declaration completed
    Health Functional Food
    Oronia Milk Thistle Complex is a thoroughly managed product recognized for its functionality and safety.
    Carefully selected raw materials
    Canadian Propolis
    Oronia New Propolis Supreme is a reliable product made in Canada with carefully selected ingredients. Canada has a good natural environment and produces excellent quality propolis raw materials. The quality of propolis may vary depending on the environment in which the bees live. Check where the raw materials are produced for your family's health!
    I recommend it to these people!
    Those who want to help maintain their health
    Those who are sensitive to the external environment during the changing seasons
    Those who want to protect their health from free radicals
    Those who need antioxidant activity
    Those who want to live an energetic life
    Those who want to consume good quality propolis
    New Propolis Supreme
    Take it this way!
    1 capsule, 1 time per day
    Take with water.
    Can I cut the capsule and take just the powder?
    Nupropolis Supreme should be taken as a capsule as it is consumed. If the capsule is cut and only the contents are consumed, nutrients may be easily lost in the body or the contents may come into direct contact with the gastrointestinal tract, causing heartburn. Just because you consume the contents alone does not mean that it is easy or fast to absorb, so please follow the recommended intake instructions!
    Product Information Notice
    Product New Propolis Supreme
    Contents Total 46.8g (520mg x 90 capsules)
    Nutritional Function Information May help with antioxidants
    Serving Size: 1 packet (per 1 capsule 520 mg) Calories 0Kal, Carbohydrate 0g (0%), Protein 0g (0%), Fat 0g (0%), Sodium 0mg (0%)
    Functional components (indicator components) Flavonoids 17mg
    Recommended intake and method Take 1 capsule once daily with water
    Ingredients Propolis extract powder 81%, acerola extract powder, acai berry extract powder, magnesium stearate
    Sources of income Nutri Korea Co., Ltd. 2F, 14-7, Seogot-ro 255beon-gil, Seo-gu, Incheon (Simgok-dong, Jeongseok Building)
    Origin and source of manufacture Canada / TNC LTD. Surrey B.C