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    Product Make-up

    - It uses a beam-transmitted sensing method and has an output configuration of NPN - Open Collector. The sensing distance is 0.197 inches (5 mm), and the voltage supply range is 5 V ~ 24 V.
    - The response time is 1ms, and the working temperature is -25°C ~ 55°C. The package/case is in the form of modules, connectors, and packaged in trays.
    - Optical switch, transmissive, phototransistor output also called TRNS LIGHT-ON/DRK-ON
    - It provides two connection methods: connector type and code withdrawal type. The connector type can be soldered directly, and the cord withdrawal type can be selected with a cord length of 1 m or 2 m. In addition, the sensing method is a penetrating type (groove type), and the shape can be selected in several ways, such as standard type, L-type, T-type, close-fitting type, F-type, and R-type.
    - The operation mode can be switched to ON when shading or ON when entering light, and the indicator mode is divided into light on light or light on shading

    Product Characteristics

    - EE-SX672A has the following characteristics:
    - The detection distance is as wide as 5mm, which can reduce detection errors.
    - It has a fast response time of 1 ms, making it suitable for high-speed operation.
    - With a wide operating temperature of -25°C ~ 55°C, it can be used in a variety of environments.
    - The voltage supply range is wide from 5V~24V, which is flexible in power supply.
    - Environmentally friendly in compliance with the RoHS directive.
    - The connector type can be soldered, and the cord withdrawal type has a built-in locking mechanism that does not come off even if the cable is pulled.
    - Wide range of applications can be selected from various sensing methods, shapes, operation modes, indicator light modes, etc.

    Position Detection of Objects

    - Detects the presence, location, number, and size of industrial automation products and performs tasks such as control, sorting, classification, and inspection. For example, it can be used to detect the presence or absence of a product on a conveyor belt, to determine the position of a PCB inserted into a slot, to detect the end of a transparent film, and so on

    - Office automation detects the presence, size, orientation, and conveying status of paper to copy, print, scan, and align. For example, it can be used by a copier or printer to detect whether paper is being fed, to check the size or orientation of paper, to prevent paper jams or double printing, and so on.

    - It detects the opening and closing of home appliance doors, the pressing of buttons, the water level, the brightness of the light, etc., and performs actions such as operation, stopping, displaying, and warning. For example, it can be used to detect whether a door is opened or closed in a refrigerator or washing machine, to detect when a button is pressed in a microwave or air conditioner, to detect the level of water in an electric kettle or steam iron, and so on.

    Product Information



    Product Category

    Optical switches, transmissive, phototransistor outputs

    Slot Width

    5 mm

    Clearance Width

    0.8 mm

    Maximum collector current

    100 mA

    Mounting style

    Panel Mount

    Minimum Operating Temperature

    - 25 C

    Maximum Operating Temperature

    + 55 C


    Omron Automation and Safety


    26 mm


    26 mm

    Number of Channels

    1 Channel

    Output Type


    Product Type

    Optical Switches, Transmissive, Phototransistor Output

    Sensing Distance

    5 mm

    Detection method

    Transmissive, Slotted, Through-Beam Type


    Optical Switches


    940 nm


    13.7 mm

    Unit Weight

    12.079 g

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    Lead time: It will take 5-7 days if there is stock in the country.


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