[Orgabebe] Mineral Sunscreen 50g _ Baby Sun Cream, Kids Sunblock _ Made in KOREA

[Orgabebe] Mineral Sunscreen 50g _ Baby Sun Cream, Kids Sunblock _ Made in KOREA

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    [Ogabebe] Mineral sunscreen 50g _ Baby sunscreen, kids sunblock
    - No colorants, no fragrances, no silicone - 100% of nature-derived ingredients : Contains 0% of chemical ingredients such as fragrances, pigments, synthetic preservatives, and synthetic emulsifiers that may cause skin irritation. The gentle ingredients derived from nature are enough to protect delicate skin from UV rays. - Non-nano inorganic UV filter: OrgaBeBe inorganic UV filter sunscreen only uses inorganic UV filters above 100nm to prevent absorption. (Nanoparticles accumulate when they are absorbed and are not released from body systems.) - Water and sweat resistant without emulsification: good for children who sweat a lot, protect the skin by playing in the water for a long time. - Safe ingredients for weak and sensitive skin: all ingredients with EWG 1~3 grade.

    Mineral Sunscreen
    Mineral Sunscreen SPF50+ PA+++ 50g
    It's a gentle inorganic sunclean that can keep your delicate skin for a long time even when you run around sweating and playing in the water! Sweat and water resistant, it protects the skin of the whole family from UV rays!

    Safe skin protection

    Naturally derived ingredients

    Smooth feel

    Formation of moisturizing film
    German Derma Test
    Achieved Excellent Status!
    What is German dermatest?
    Founded in Germany in 1978, globally
    At a reputable dermatological institute
    Used on the skin as a test to be carried out
    Scientific evaluation criteria for product safety and
    It is a test that is evaluated with a rigorous procedure.

    Should sunscreen be worn since baby?
    If you go to the water, playground, or park, you will play for 2~3 hours, but if children have delicate skin, is it okay to be exposed to UV rays?
    UV rays are a class 1 carcinogen. UV rays accumulate on our children's skin, depriving them of moisture and making them sensitive, causing allergies. The best way to stop it is to use sunscreen when you go out!
    But I'm so worried about the ingredients! It's my child's first sunscreen, but I can't just apply anything. ᅲ
    Ogabebe set strict standards and developed sunscreen. Safe to use with the whole family, and always safe with 100% naturally-derived ingredients when playing in the water or sweating and exercising!
    NON Nano Mineral Tea Sunscreen
    UV protection
    Ogavebe Organic Sunscreen uses only 100nm or higher inorganic sunscreen that is not absorbed by the skin to keep your skin safe. (Nanoparticles accumulate in the body when absorbed by the skin, and are not excreted)
    Have you ever worn sunscreen and your eyes burned or sore? You can apply the inorganic tea-based sunscreen near your eyes to make your eyes not itchy!
    Reflecting ultraviolet rays, scattering
    Inorganic car sunscreen
    Physical protection to repel UV rays Does not absorb into the skin, so the risk of allergies and skin irritation is low Can be used as a sunscreen for the whole family, such as sensitive and weak skin UV protection Ingredients Zinc oxide, titanium oxide
    Absorbs ultraviolet rays, filtration
    Organic Sunscreen
    Absorbs UV rays and dissipates Chemical blocking Sensitive skin can cause allergies, but it absorbs well without clouding Does not clog pores, recommended for oily skin UV protection potential ingredients ethylhexyl~, oxybenzone, avobenzone
    Is sunscreen banned in Hawaii?
    Because of the coral reef-killing oxybenzone and octinoxate!
    The earth our children will live on is clean and beautiful, so we don't use oxybenzone or octinoxate (organic tea).
    Silicone oil free!
    Silicone oil is often used in sunscreens, moisturizing creams, and makeup bases because it gives a smooth feel and glow, but it has the disadvantage of clogging pores and remaining on the skin due to its high persistence even after rinsing.
    In addition, since it is not biodegradable and destroys the environment, ogavebe is used as a substitute for shea butter and natural oil.
    Water and sweat resistant!
    It is suitable for children who usually sweat a lot, and can protect their skin even when playing in the water during the holiday season. Even better if you use remover to wipe it off after you go home!
    Seamless good ingredients, 100% of natural origin
    Fragrances, colors, synthetic preservatives, synthetic emulsifiers, and other chemical ingredients that can irritate the skin are not allowed even 1. Gentle naturally-derived ingredients are enough to protect delicate skin from UV rays.
    Contains moringa extract instead of water
    It contains 3,214 mmg of moringa extract, called the miracle tree.
    Instead of pure water, which accounts for 30% of the formulation, the nutrient-rich moringa extract helps hydrate, soothe the skin, and protect the skin barrier.
    100% disclosure of all ingredients
    All ingredients added to all Ogavebe products use only EWG green grade ingredients.
    #병풀추출물 Promotes collagen synthesis to improve skin elasticity and is excellent at anti-aging Soothes reddened skin and improves skin dead skin cells, glow, and moisture balance

    #알로에베라잎수 Known to be good for moisturizing the skin May help sensitive skin

    #코코넛야자오일 and 4 other oils Add skin-friendly botanical oils to help relieve and soothe skin stress
    EWG Cosmetic Ingredient Stability Rating Criteria
    Safety Rating
    Caution Rating
    The entire ingredient is EWG grade 1~3, and no new ingredients without data are used.
    Environmental Wrking Group (EWG) This is an indicator rated by EWG, a non-profit environmental organization in the United States, on a scale of 0-10 for the safety of cosmetic ingredients.
    Ogavebe Sunscreen Full Ingredients
    Drumstick leaf extract (32.13%) Dicaprylyl carbonate Coco-caprylate/ Caprate Caprylic / Capric Triglyceride Propanediol Pentylene Glycol Polyglyceryl-3 Polylicinoliate Coconut Palm Oil Stearic Acid Dicarrylyl Ether Aloe Vera Leaf Water Beeswax Candelilla Wax Sodium chloride Polyglyceryl-2 Dipolyhydroxystearate Glyceryl Caprylate Sea Bara Seed Oil Polyglyceryl-3 Diisostearate Jojoba seed oil Polyglyceryl-3 lisinoate Butylene glycol Purified water Pumpkin seed oil Medicinal wool extract Sodium gluconate Xanthan gum Dipotassium glycyrrhizate Centella asiatica extract Lavender oil Hoknotweed root extract Golden Extract Green tea extract Matricaria flower extract Rosemary leaf extract
    Aluminum hydroxide
    Zinc oxide (sun protection ingredient) Titanium dioxide (sun protection ingredient)
    "All ingredients except the sun protection ingredient
    EWG's Green Rating"
    Ogabebe Pure Sunscreen Test Certification
    Heavy Metal Tested
    Ogavebe mineral sunscreen heavy metal detection test results were found to be non-detectable.
    Searnest Certification Status

    Women's Business Certification

    Company-affiliated research institute

    ISO 9001 Certification
    # How to use mineral sunscreen

    Apply lotion and sunscreen.

    Apply evenly to areas exposed to UV rays.

    At first, there is a cloudiness, but it disappears over time!
    Product Name Ogabebe Mineral Sunscreen
    Capacity or weight 50g
    Expiration date Always manufactured products (check on the bottom of the product)
    manufacturer Searnest Partners
    Responsible Distributor Searnest
    Country of origin Republic of Korea
    Quality Assurance Standards This product can be exchanged or compensated in accordance with the consumer dispute resolution standards notified by the Fair Trade Commission.

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