[Dr. CPU] [Composite skin care device] SPARDERM beauty equipment_3way

[Dr. CPU] [Composite skin care device] SPARDERM beauty equipment_3way

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    The three types of SPARDERM are three multi-systems: scrubber, ultrasound, and ionto, and are cosmetic devices that help basic skin care, exfoliation and penetration of active ingredients in cosmetics.

    How to use

    STEP 1
    Cleanses skin.
    STEP 2
    Choose a mode
    Select the mode you want (skinscrubber, ultrasound, ionto).
    STEP 3
    Choose a feature
    Select the function you want with the SHIFT button.
    (ex. Ionto ION-: Ionto button pressed and iON- select with shift button)
    STEP 4
    Change in intensity
    Change the intensity of the mode. (Approx., Middle, River)
    STEP 5
    Application time: 5-7 minutes (sensitive skin is managed by reducing care time)

    Cautions when using

    Stop using if you feel pain or body abnormalities during use. If the same area is used repeatedly or used in the wrong way, it may damage the skin. If there is an abnormality in the skin, immediately cool the area and consult a specialist.
    (Even in conventional use, sensitive skin may become slightly red.
    1. Those who are in particularly poor health, taking sleeping pills, or being treated by a doctor
    2. People with excessive tanning and sensitive skin
    3. People with allergies, especially those who are sensitive to skin
    4. Those who wear special medical devices in the body, such as heart rate braces artificial core disposal
    5. Those who have been taking steroid-based hormones for a long period of time
    6. Those with capillary dilation associated with liver function
    7. Skin inflammation, atopic dermatitis purulent acne
    8. Hemophilia patients, heart disease, earthen medicine, perceptual disorders
    14. Acute diseases, hemorrhagic areas, malignant tumors, fractures, infectious diseases, eyelids, traumatic areas, etc.

    Products Information

    Product Name / License Name
    Spardum SPAR DERM / Spadum Scrubber
    (Complex skin care)
    Operating voltage/current/output
    220V 60Hz
    Weight / Size
    8 (Kg) / Horizontal 46 (Cm) X Vertical 41 (Cm) X Height 33 (Cm)
    Manufacturing countries

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