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Enjoy every Color!

'ITCOLOR' provides color-matched consulting to find the true value of its customers through continuous research on companies and customers.
It is a customer-oriented color system company that plans and sells related products.  

We provide optimized color consulting to our customers at reasonable prices due to our color inspection and expertise.
We provide ease of use based on our understanding of our customers.

This solves the problem of the customer's ambiguous identity.
Contribute to the development of human design by creating better value.  
With an honest attitude of respect for human beings and an innovative attitude of challenge,
It is aimed at global innovators who provide the foundation for identitybuilding.

ItColor generates color curation through its accumulated color know-how and businessexperience.  

Core services can be largely split into retail and services .  

The keyword 'color' allows retail to purchase all productsintuitively through color curation.  

Color curation is a service thatcan beused and applied for a variety of purposes, including fashion, culture, and life star, limiting the possibility of scalability and development in the future.  
In addition to training, we also research and develop color education products that can be used fore ducation.

- Color solution: Color concept derivation _ products [containers, packages, tonal packaging, etc.]

- Training: Job training, CS training , K-Beauty Capacity Training

- Marketing : Beauty-related exhibition fair talent wave meeting / corporate event: Experience department / brand cooperation
- Retail : Color curation products

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  • Business Number372-37-00459
  • Business TypeSole proprietorship
  • Year Established2018
  • Total Employees1 - 10
  • House Brand AvailableNo
  • Dropshipping AvailableNo

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