[Copper Life] Copper Fabric Gloves _ Smart Touch Screen Capable, Electromagnetic Wave Blocking, Anti-static, Deodorizing, Antimicrobial _ Made in KOREA

[Copper Life] Copper Fabric Gloves _ Smart Touch Screen Capable, Electromagnetic Wave Blocking, Anti-static, Deodorizing, Antimicrobial _ Made in KOREA

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  • Product Description

    • Copper fabric is a highly effective antimicrobial agent that kills bacteria, fungi, and viruses on contact, preventing the growth of microorganisms and odors.

    • Our winter gloves are designed for comfort, with a soft, non-irritating fabric that is suitable for sensitive skin, and feature touchscreen access, so you don't have to sacrifice convenience for protection.

    • The copper fibers used in our products are Eco-friendly and offer natural antibacterial, deodorizing, moisture-absorbing, and quick-drying properties.

    • Constructed with 90% pure cotton and 10% functional copper fiber, our gloves are both comfortable and effective in protecting against bacteria and unwanted odors.

    • All our products are 100% made in Korea and domestically produced.

    For the people, you care about
    Warm and comfortable gloves

    Copper Life for You Special
    Let us introduce copper fabric smart touch gloves

    Banded at the wrist
    Adjusts wrist regardless of wrist thickness and is less prone to peeling
    Double side added inside
    Durable polyester fiber prevents fiber from fraying easily due to frequent friction

    Button buckle device
    Button-type buckle prevents you from losing them one by one, making them easier to store
    COPPER LIFE logo trademark
    Copperlife's copper fabric product is printed with a logo trademark

    Make your life easier with Smart Touch Soft and cozy
    copper fabric with Voltron fiber

    Copper fiber
    Patent fabric copper fiber products
    We exclusively contract with patented fabrics from Hanil Hapsum, which has been leading the textile industry, to produce the only VOILION fabric products in Korea.
    Polyester shutters
    Lightweight, soft and durable poly material attached to prevent fraying with frequent use.
    Eco-friendly materials
    Eco-friendly washable copper fabric that prevents static electricity and electromagnetic waves
    Soft Copper
    Soft touch for sensitive skin
    Antibacterial, anti-odor
    Cu copper (Cu) unique antibacterial and anti-odor effect
    Breathable, absorbent
    Better breathability and absorption than ordinary cotton fabric
    Smart Touch
    Smart devices can be used even with gloves
    Heat retention, heat preservation
    Excellent heat storage function that absorbs body temperature and re-radiates heat preservation effect

    Fine Finishing!
    Wear it with confidence!

    Copperlife products are domestically crafted with precision, from fabric to sewing, by skilled professionals,

    ensuring exceptional quality and a luxurious design.

    Soft to the touch
    No static electricity!

    Copper fiber blend (90% cotton + 10% rayon) makes it soft, static-free, and safe for babies with sensitive skin. It's gentle and comfortable for daily wear.

    With 99.9% Antibacterial
    Safe copper fabric
    Functional fiber inhibits microorganism growth, and prevents static and allergic reactions, making it perfect for daily use, keeping you safe and healthy.

    SIZE INFO / unit: cm
    SIZE(cm) 1Total length 2Stop 3Width
    M 21 7.5 9
    L 23 8.5 10

    All products may have a size error (margin of error ± 5) for each product.

    Weak, shade drying, cold water hand washing, neutral medicine washing

    Please wash the product separately to prevent deformation, ear infections.
    It is recommended to wash before use.
    Please use the washing net when using the washing machine.
    The washing temperature should be washed with cold water.
    Do not boil on the first wash!
    When boiling, you need to boil it for 3~4 minutes short.
    If the product is damaged due to careless washing, exchange/return is difficult, so please be aware of this advantage.

    Product Name: Copperlife Antivirus Infection Prevention Copper Gloves

    Material : Total : Copper fiber (90% cotton, 10% acrylic) Cotton : Polyester

    Size: M, L

    Color: Gray, Black

    Number of packages : 1 sheet (one pair)

    Age : No limit

    Manufacturer & Sales Agency : C&Tidrim / Made in Korea

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    <Copper Life Product Electromagnetic Blocking>

    *Prevents static electricity in Copper Life products*

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