[PI] Eyecool _ Special eye care healing solution, Thermal, Fine Vibration Massage, Portable semi-permanent products_ Made in KOREA

[PI] Eyecool _ Special eye care healing solution, Thermal, Fine Vibration Massage, Portable semi-permanent products_ Made in KOREA

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    EyeCool helps blood circulation in the eyes and relieves fatigue by massaging the muscles around the eyes by generating 40-43 degrees of heat and 1800 micro-vibrations every 10 seconds.

    - Heat, acupressure, and micro-vibration massage
    - Small and easy to carry _ Strap for necklace provided, product size (50 x 35 x 23 mm)
    - Rechargeable semi-permanent product _ C Type USB provided
    - Swelling, dark circle relief, beauty care
    - Naturally drains tears and removes fine dust from the pupils
    - Semi-permanent use is possible without deformation by external stimuli such as scratches and moisture along with antibacterial treatment with surface chrome plating.

    The Effect of Eye Muscle Massage
    Natural tears are discharged to remove fine dust from the pupil and surrounding area. Also, it is excellent for myopia and beauty care as oxygen is supplied to the eye muscle cells.

    * Eye-Cool is not a medical device, but a massage product for eye fatigue recovery.
    * Do not use directly on the eyes.

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